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 FEI Robot 


The Robot Football project at the University Center of FEI was begun in May 2003. The main objective of the project, entitled "2003 Robot Competitions" was to develop a team of football robots to participate in the II IEEE Student Latin-American Robot Competition, held in Bauru, on the 13th and 14th of September 2003, together with the 6th SBAI (Brazilian Symposium of Intelligent Automation).

Ever since, the project has grown and has become much more than just the formation of a football team of robots. Its purpose is to contribute to the scientific and technological advance of undergraduate and post-graduate students at the University Center of FEI.

Over almost seven years, more than ten Scientific Initiation projects were held and two Course Conclusion Works and two Master’s Dissertations were given, all concerning football robots. In competitions the FEI team has always achieved good results and is ranked at the forefront of Brazilian institutions. It took part in five national championships, becoming champion twice, vice-champion also twice and placed third on another occasion, as well as having won several other prizes in lesser competitions and demonstrations.