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 JOVEM Project 


The JOVEM Project (Learning to Appreciate Engineering at High School Level) is the University Center of FEI’s answer to the need to attract talents to Engineering.

The preparation of more and better engineers is vital for Brazil’s technological, economic and social development. In our understanding as one of the biggest and best engineering schools in the country, it is FEI’s responsibility to prepare individuals with excellent technical competence and attitudes which are in keeping with Christian principles and with the educational ideals professed by the Company of Jesus. The proof of this, on the one hand, is the excellent employability of its graduates, and on the other, the values held by its directors, professors and employees revealed in the daily pedagogical routine under their responsibility.

JOVEM envisions the involvement of FEI’s teachers and students and that of partner schools broadening the knowledge of Engineering in Greater São Paulo and stirring the desire among young high-school students to take on some of the typical activities of an engineer from one of the seven courses offered by FEI: civil, electrical, materials, mechanical, production, chemical and textiles. During the various stages of JOVEM, the students will discover what each of the engineering fields entails and work will terminate with a competition being held between the high schools, in which the projects developed will be tested during a big festival.

To run their projects, students from the partner schools will be guided by their science and mathematics teachers under the supervision of FEI’s engineers. Collaboration between students and teachers and the perception of the utility of what is learned at school should awaken many new vocations for Engineering.

Technology at the service of Education

In developing the various stages of the project, FEI will use the latest didactic resources available, such as an electronic environment for distance learning which serves to establish a communication and collaboration channel between the guiding teachers from high school and the faculty from FEI. High school teachers and students will further be able to use computer simulations and some of the institution’s modern laboratories while carrying out supervised activities.

Who We Are

The University Center of FEI is a traditional institution of higher education governed by the Padre Saboia de Medeiros Educational Foundation of Ignatius, with campuses in São Paulo and São Bernardo do Campo. FEI offers courses in Engineering (civil, electrical, materials, mechanical, production, chemical and textiles), Administration and Computer Science.

Partner Schools

    * Escola Estadual Prof. Benedito Tolosa
    * Escola Estadual Rui Bloem
    * Escola Vera Cruz
    * Colégio São Luís


JOVEM is partially funded by FINEP (Financing Organ for Studies and Projects) of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) via the Chamada Publica MCT/FINEP/FNDCT – PROMOVE – Engenharia no Ensino Medio 05/2006. In the state of São Paulo, only four other institutions have been benefitted with funds from FINEP.