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AeroDesign is an educational project focused on the development of engineering students in the field of aeronautics. With aeromodels which are designed and built at FEI, students who participate in AeroDesign acquire knowledge which goes well beyond classroom teaching, most of it connected with aeronautics.

This knowledge becomes an important addition to the student’s academic curriculum, since FEI does not have an official course of Aeronautical Engineering; however this does not demerit FEI in comparison with other institutions which do have the course, because FEI’s AeroDesign has always distinguished itself for its project innovations.

Thanks to a center of modern, well-structured mechanical laboratories, FEI is the only institution which has permission to manufacture its own propellers for aeromodels on the premises, and the only one at a national level to have developed a system to reduce motor rotation. This innovation enables motor torque to be increased thus permitting the plane to have a larger propeller.

All the effort, dedication and knowledge applied to this project is tested in the SAE Brasil AeroDesign competition, held annually in São José dos Campos in the interior of São Paulo, where teams are awarded in two categories, Open Class and Regular Class.