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 Press Room 

Welcome to the FEI Press Room. Here you will find all our material – press releases and articles – distributed to editors in general by the Press Advisors of the University Center. The press releases and bulletins were produced by our press advisors and the articles by our research professors.

Here you can also find a selection of pictures, which register our events on and off the campuses, as well as high-resolution photos of spokespeople on each of the topics published.

We hope that this material will help you to edit your topics. And, as always, we are available for consultation on matters concerning the preparation of your topics, searching for sources for your articles, comments and suggestions.

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Press Advisors

Maria do Socorro Diogo (e-mail)

Luciana Silva (e-mail)

Tel: (11) 4435-0000

(11) 7204-1921

(11) 9658-5828