São Paulo 

São Paulo Campus 

Comprised of an educational complex with 8,600 m² in built-up area, its modern, functional installations are noted for the comfort they offer in the spaces for study, research and work. Located in one of the main regions of São Paulo, in the traditional borough of Liberdade, it offers the student countless options of transport, restaurants, parking places, theaters, parks etc.

With its six floors, the campus building is a perfect feat of engineering, designed by renowned architects, and its construction boasts a modern, innovative style. Built and finished in concrete, it exhibits an imposing lobby with a 12 meter high ceiling. It consists of classrooms, all hooked up to a network with internet access, auditoriums, library with a reading room, IT laboratory, a space for fairs and exhibitions, cafeteria, mezzanine, banking facilities, polysports court and chapel, all of which are intended to provide the student with perfect learning conditions.

The FEI student can also use all the facilities at the São Bernardo do Campo campus: library, polysports complex, swimming pool, fitness center, etc.

The São Paulo campus is composed of two blocks, interconnected by ramps.


  • Block A: six floors

    6th floor: administration and banking facilities
    5th floor: three classrooms, an auditorium for 40 people, nine rooms for full-time professors, one meeting room for full-time professors, a secretary for the master’s course, a study room for 20 students with computers in a network
    4th floor: mezzanine, video projection room
    3rd floor: reception, canteen, covered patio
    2nd floor: six classrooms for graduate courses
    1st floor: three IT labs with forty PC’s linked into the laboratory network

  • Block B: five floors

    5th floor: sports court
    4th floor: library reading room
    3rd floor: library room with collection, chapel and auditorium for three hundred people
    2nd floor: three classrooms for graduate course and five rooms for post-graduate courses
    1st floor: two classrooms for graduate courses and five rooms for post-graduate courses and one auditorium for eighty people.
    N.B. all classrooms have access points for Internet.

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