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São Bernardo do Campo Campus 

Located within an area of 243,000 m² the University Center of FEI is easy to access from the Anchieta and Imigrantes highways. Its campus has 18 buildings, with the following installations; laboratories, specialized centers, classrooms with multimedia equipment, study rooms, library, bookstore, stationery store, chapel, food mall, restaurant, poly sports complex with sports gymnasium, courts, society football, athletics track, fitness center, swimming pool, as well as an ample parking area for students, teachers and employees.

The FEI campus is outstanding for its vast, exuberant expanse of green area; its trees, shrubbery, gardens, lawns and even a spring of potable water blend in with the modern and traditional buildings, providing the students, teachers and employees a perfect environment in which to develop their activities.


  • A Building – "Lauro Gomes": Built in 1966, FEI’s principal administrative sections are located here – General Superintendency and Administration, Support Sector for Events and Transport, General Secretary, Main Teachers’ Room, Inspectors’ Room, PABX, Audiovisual Sector, Personnel Sector, Human Resources Sector, Library and Study Rooms.
  • B Building – Amphitheaters: Amphitheaters (each with capacity for 108 students), Study Rooms, Draught Room, Banking facilities, Treasury, Trainee and Jobs Sector, Scholarship Sector, Security Section, Academic Athletic Association, Students’ Study Center, University Pastoral Movement, Production and Mechanics Laboratories and Classrooms.
  • C Building – Food Mall: restaurant, cafeterias, stationery store, Xerox, employees’ association, first aid post, work safety and Academic Directors of Engineering and Computer Science.
  • D Building – Laboratories – Textile/ Electricity /Physics: Center of Electrical Laboratories, Physics Laboratories, Full Time Room for Department of Electrical Engineering, classrooms, Center for Textile Research and Full Time room of Department of Textile Engineering.
  • E Building – "Salvador Arena": Mechanical Laboratories Center which serves the areas of Mechanics, Automotive Studies, Materials and Metallurgy, Textiles and Full Time Room for Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • F Building – "Santino Chiareto": Civil Engineering Laboratory and areas of maintenance, controls, purchasing, supplies and warehouse.
  • G Building – "Prof. Dino Bigalli": Chemical Laboratories Center, which serves the Chemical and Textile areas and the Full Time Room for Chemical Engineering.
  • H Building – "Selmi Dei": Center of Chemical Research, IT Laboratory, Bakery, Cafeteria and Copy room.
  • I Building – "Lavinia Rudge Ramos" and J Building – "Saboia de Medeiros": 38 classrooms each for 90 students and auditoriums for 180 and 140 people. The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, the FEI/Cummins Laboratory and the Academic Directors of Administration are all located In I Building.
  • K Building: classrooms, IT laboratories, the Rector’s offices, Secretary, Rooms for Coordinators and Professors of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Masters, computer labs, General IT Coordination.
  • O Building: External reception.
  • R Building: Santo Inácio de Loyola chapel.
  • S Building: Sports Gymnasium with bleachers for 2,500 people, court for various sports modalities, area for leisure and recreation, male and female bathrooms and changing rooms, store rooms, Athletic Association room, and Community Center of Sports, Recreation and Leisure meeting room.
  • T Building: IECAT , classrooms, IT labs, IPEI, Mechanical Laboratories Center and FEI Junior Company, Auditorium with capacity for 60 people and Sector of Communication and Marketing.
  • U Building: Consisting of two open poly sports courts, soccer field, society football, athletics track, long jump pit, dart throwing, disco throwing and shot-put, male and female changing rooms, medical and administrative sectors, sports materials storeroom, water tower and bleachers for 1,300 people.
  • V Building: – Swimming pool: Semi-olympic swimming pool with eight lanes, bleachers for 800 people, administration, male and female changing rooms, rooms for weightlifting and martial arts, leisure areas, Athletic Association for students.

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