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"The University Center of FEI’s principal mission is to provide
its students with knowledge by all necessary means, in order to build
a developed, humane and just society".

FEI stands out for its excellence in teaching, research and extension courses and its goal is to prepare professionals with the following traits:

  1. To have a strong theoretical background, but not lose sight of the specific preparation needed for their employability;
  2. To be ethical and just, to have humane, social convictions and to be capable of perceiving the importance of their role as agents of change in society;
  3. To have a holistic view of society capable of foreseeing and analyzing direct and indirect impacts of their actions on society;
  4. To be concerned about environmental issues and to have a precise idea of the importance of environmental preservation so as to ensure quality of life for every individual and sustainability for the planet;
  5. To be able to build on fresh knowledge with the skills and competencies to develop, modify and adapt technologies and not merely be able to use them;
  6. To be adaptable, prepared to meet new challenges and evolve in areas different from that of their degree (multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary);
  7. To be creative and enterprising in professional undertakings;
  8. To be efficient communicators, also in other languages;
  9. To have the skills to work in groups and to interact with different people and cultures, whilst being able to respect and understand these differences;
  10. To master the new information and communication technologies, both from a personal and professional development standpoint.