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Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) – France

This agreement provides for the exchange of research in the field of administration, with a focus on Innovation, Organizations, Sustainability and Interfaces of these fields with topics from the field of Marketing. The proposal covers the cooperation of faculty in CNAM’s doctorate program, facilitating student mobility and development of part of the French institution’s doctorate activities in Brazil. Further to this the agreement will promote the integration of research from both institutions and help to improve relations between the scientific communities of both countries.

The agreement is a consequence of pre-existing studies between the Masters degree in Administration of FEI and Lipsor (Laboratory of Innovation, Strategy and Organization), which belongs to the French institution. Authorized as the school’s head office for the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, FEI will be responsible for providing the installations and the Brazilian faculty and will also conduct the selection of Brazilian doctorate students, who must speak French as a basic requirement. The Administration course professors will run a program of classes in conjunction with the French faculty members, using resources such as videoconferencing.

The diploma will be valid in France, but the objective in the future is to offer a double degree (with double validity). As soon as FEI has structured its own doctorate, the student will obtain his diploma validated in both countries, defending a thesis in Brazil and in France.