Postgraduate Degrees 
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Master's Degree 

Master’s programs

Education, science and technology are the cornerstones of a country’s sustainable development, when it is faced with the very significant and accelerated changes affecting our world today. Without a doubt the most effective way for a nation to progress is by producing scientific and technological knowledge, assimilating that which already exists and turning it into achievements intended for the well-being of society.

With this in mind, the University Center of FEI has invested in the preparation of human resources, the promotion of research activities and the cultivation of professional competencies, by offering to graduates in higher education academic master’s programs approved by CAPES with innovative contents in the areas of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Administration.

Specific field of study:
  1. Innovative Management


  • Specific field of study:
    • Innovative Management

Electrical Engineering

  • Specific field of study:
    • Integrated Electronic Devices
    • Artificial Intelligence Applied to Automation

Mechanical Engineering

  • Specific field of study:
    • Materials and Processes
    • Production
    • Mobility Systems