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 Specialization (Professional Programs) 

Specialization courses at the Post-graduate Lato Sensu level at the University Center of FEI prepare professionals to work with excellence in the areas of technology and management.

In current times, profound and rapid changes increasingly require professionals to be up-to-date and well- informed. This fully justifies the existence of post-graduate lato sensu programs for those who want to recycle their knowledge and improve their professional careers.

At the University Center of FEI the lato sensu courses are designed for a target public which includes professionals from the areas of technology, engineering, administration, business and finance. The courses are coordinated by IECAT – Institute of Specialization in Administrative and Technological Science – which runs its activities on the São Bernardo do Campo campus and on the Liberdade campus in São Paulo.

The teachers giving classes, the vast majority of whom holds master’s or doctorate degrees, are noted for their broad academic and professional experience.

Not only do students have installations and audiovisual equipment suitable for holding courses, seminars, congresses, lectures and meetings but they also have access to modern laboratories with microcomputers linked to a network and with a system for reception of satellite channels to show national and international teleconferences destined for the courses in the technological and administrative areas.