Postgraduate Degrees 
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Doctorate Programs

      The world evolves rapidly and the transformations in every area are constant, as well as the need for skilled professionals who are knowledgeable in the areas of management, research and technology. The industries, companies and educational institutes are constantly searching for high-level workforce to meet the market high demand.  

      The Postgraduate program (Stricto Sensu) of Centro Universitário da FEI, authorized and recognized by CAPES embodies the tradition and the excellence of this institution in a program that aims to graduate high level researchers in the area of Administration and Electrical Engineering, stimulating the development of technical and scientific literature activities. Finally, the capacitation of researchers and professors in the industrial sector, research, and educational institutions.



      • Concentration Area:
        • Innovation Management

      Electrical Engineering

      • Concentration Areas:
        • Integrated Electronic Devices
        • Artificial Intelligence Applied to Automation
        • Signal Processing

      For further information:

        1. Admnistration Doctorate - ou (55 11) 3274-5200.
        2. Electrical Engineering Doctorate- ou (55 11) 4353-2910.