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If you were a student at FEI, you already know: a FEIANO never forgets FEI. It is part of your life, of your history. With you, we helped to build the history of technology in this country. With you, we became one of the best schools in Brazil. Because of this, we have built a space dedicated to our alumni. The purpose is to bring all the engineers, administrators and professionals of computing science who graduated from FEI together in one single community, and that way we can keep them informed about FEI’s activities, its innovations, research, achievements, and plenty of other new things which we hope to be able to share with you.

So welcome FEIANO. Get Enrolled. FEI is preparing a lot of new things for you.


FEIANOS in the spotlight:

  • Marco De Marchi – President of Rhodia

    "FEI has a group of first-class professors and students should take advantage of this experience and their knowledge during their graduation. Throughout my career, I always felt very well prepared with regard to my education".

  • Gustavo Vinicius Vendramini – Electrical Engineer

    "FEI is a top institution and one that makes all the difference in the job market, especially for the multinationals".

  • Bruno Carrete Bennati – Automotive Mechanical Engineer

    "At FEI I grew a lot as an individual and learnt to deal with people, thanks to what we learned from the teachers all the time, and the job market is looking for this differential in professionals"

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